Tehtud Tööd

Kampaania Tarbijakaitseametile (Kuldmuna Pesamuna 2017, shortlist):
Pole see, mis tellisid?


Referentstöö, mis 2017a sai Kuldmunal Pesamuna shortlisti. Kampaania kontseptsioon. #ostatargalt kampaania on suunatud noortele vanuses 14-20, kes ostlevad netis või on sellest huvitatud. Kontseptsiooni idee seisneb tõsise asja muutmises meeldejäävaks huumoriks – võtta mõni avatav ese (banaan, võlts ja rikutud Gucci kott, jalgpall) ja muuta see koos sõnumiga naljakalt meeldejäävaks.Ülesanne: teavitada noori, et nad ostleks arukalt.

48h. Ready. Set. Go. 

Pesamuna is an Estonian 48 hour ad-competition for anyone interested in making advertising campaigns (in print and web) under the age of 28 and my idea made it to the finals! The brief came from Tarbijakaitseamet (Consumer Protection Board) and they needed a campaign concept targeted for teens/youth aged 14-20 who are interested in buying online. It is hard to know the person or shop from which you buy online, so sometimes you can get deceived. Whether the shop or person or the product doesn’t really exist, and the fraud will manipulate you to get your money. Tarbijakaitseamet wants to inform the consumers that they have to know their rights and obligations, because Tarbijakaitseamet can’t always protect them. It’d be wise to know up front what you can or can’t do. 

Within 6 hours of brainstorming ideas I came to an idea – to approach the reality with twisted humor – take an item (banana, fake and spoiled Gucci bag, football, headphones) and make half of it so ridiculous that the ad will be memorable in it’s own way. The keywords were: open, youthful, simplistic, caring and humorous.  Additionally I added youthful colours and typeface to be more approachable for teens. The items are from their everyday life: banana and cucumber as food, football and balloon as entertainment elements and the bag as accessory – all of which you can order from online. You bought a banana, but got a cucumber – not what you ordered? You bought a Gucci bag, but instead you got a fake and broken, smeary Mucci bag – not what you ordered? You bought a football, but it’s really a balloon – not what you ordered? 

Main message: Not what you ordered? Do not let yourself be fooled! Be aware and defend yourself. #ostatargalt (#shopwisely)

The campaign is channeled wherever the teens spend their time: online (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) ads, posts and witty commercials taking niche from the current style of Tarbijakaitseamet’s videos; offline (school, training and other entertainment/hobby facilities, bus/tram/trolley/trainstops, city centre etc).

The whole project – from brainstorming, sketching, finding content, photoshopping, compositing, copywriting, strategising, presenting – was done within 48h.